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A quick synopsis of my work history spans the past 20 years, starting with junior administrative roles, to supporting Senior VPs in private organisations and managing administrative departments in both local authorities and private organisations.  I have also run a successful home-based direct selling business and devised and carried out several training courses on subjects ranging from motivation to "idiots guide to...." for software applications.

Always being entrepreneurial minded I have dabbled in many businesses and forged ahead in every career move that I have made.   To work for myself was an innate and burning desire that could not be quenched the more successful I became in my J-O-B.

I get a great sense of satisfaction from the personal involvement of being an assistant.  I feel immense pleasure when I have brainstormed with someone on how to take an idea and move forward with it; they don't have to work with any of my ideas but just allow me to prompt.  I love to work with people who are movers and shakers and who challenge me to learn, look at something in a different way and / or keep me on my toes.

So I began to investigate and started to build a business plan.  During this search I found Assist University (AssistU).  AssistU is a training, continually evolving, development hub for Virtual Assistants.  I didn't have to think twice after reading the information on the website.  Their philosophy, goals and standards completely reflected my idea of the business I craved for.  I knew I wanted to solidify my business focus, my skills and my knowledge with this fantastic organisation.  And it has been one phenomenal journey which I continue to travel enthusiastically.