Contract rates are based upon an agreed amount of hours support each month. I work with clients in retainer relationships.

What is a Retainer?

With a retainer you set aside a specific amount of hours each month. My minimum retainer is for 15 hours, which means that I have guaranteed that this amount of time will be available for you and your business. Does 15 hours sound like a lot? Think about it, this breaks down to only 45 minutes every day over a 4-week month. Can you see that in reality this is not a lot of time at all!


I accept payment through a variety of methods, it just depends on what works best for you. By the two easiest methods are either through Paypal (see button below) for my clients based in the US or direct transfer to my bank account for my UK clients.

The retainer fee is paid in advance, and I invoice on the 25th of each month with payment expected no later than the last day of that month. Therefore an invoice will include the following month's retainer fee, any additional hours worked the previous month, and any expenses incurred on your behalf.