Our Services

Please be careful!! Although this list describes various ways clients work with VAs. It is in no way exhaustive of or even really touches the scope of assistance I can provide.  It cannot because the support is limitless.  This list is just a mere indication of what can be achieved and is published to give new clients ideas on how they can personally benefit from my support service. It may also give existing clients some new ideas or thoughts on how to expand the services of their VA.

Social Networking

  • Social networking is all the rage, but whether you are brand spanking new to Twitter, Facebook or blogs or a seasoned communicator, it still takes time out of your essential money-making hours.  Social networking requires your personal input, you cannot get away from that, but there is a lot of management, organizing, scheduling and monitoring that you can hand over to your VA. Don't worry, yes it does take some of your personal input, but it doesn't have to take over your life!

  • Online products and sales

  • You have a product that you want to sell to your clients, where do you start to set it up?  Your VA can help you set this up.  We can look at the services and find one that works with your product the best. Many shopping carts offer a variety of services, and it is best to do an assessment beforehand to make sure we are moving in the right direction for your business.
  • Keeping in touch with your clients after the sale is essential, yet longwinded.  Don't worry hand it over to your VA to organize and implement for you.

  • Administrative / Secretarial Assistance

  • You are constantly making or reconfirming appointments/meetings.  Get your VA to do this for you.  We can have an online diary that we both share or, dependent upon software, a synched diary
  • Being out of the office regularly you need to have a consistent, human, well-informed person at the end of the phone or answering your basic emails so that your clients always feel in contact with you.  Get your VA to handle these for you.  I get to know you, who you are, the nuances of your business and also get to know your clients so that even when you are not around through me they are still connected to you

  • Desk Top Publishing

  • You send out a monthly newsletter to your team or customers.  A vital tool to keep in contact and provide information.  But the format, content and idea generating just takes up way too much of your time.  Let your VA sort you out.  I will smoothly step into your life, learn about your business, the field you are working in and coupled with my DTP skills can produce a document that truly reflects you.  Eventually you are less and less involved in the initial document creation and just provide a editorial role to sign off the document

  • Website

    Website Creation and Maintenance

  • You already have a website that just requires updating and/or managing.  Your VA is the person to keep up-to-date with any changes in your business, products or new information that needs to be included on your website.  Depending on the size of the site and complexity of software used I can either do this personally or manage the company who you have doing this for you
  • You require a website.  Don't we all!!!!  Your VA is multi-talented and may well be able to create the website you need.  If it is a large site that deserves seasoned professionals I can still be the one to manage the work for you

  • Office Management

  • Your business equipment needs updating.  Your VA can help in so many ways here.  We can go through your working style and how much space you have and brainstorm the best products for you.  I can research them and check best prices available.  For certain items that need setting up, we can even have them delivered to me first for configuring and then sent onto you ready to go
  • Your busy and stationery is the last thing on your mind, but sometimes you get stuck short without it.  Your VA can keep a handle on your stationery.  As long as we communicate and establish a routine of your usage of stationery I can keep your stock updated for you.  Purchase from online stores on your behalf and research best prices, fast delivery etc